Friday, May 1, 2009

The Kreativ Blogger Award

Whew! Got my very first Award. It's called The Kreativ Blogger Award which was passed on to me by My Good Riddance
Up to now, I am still wondering how I got this award. Lol :D
Nevertheless, thanks a lot for tagging me. It is my honor to have this award. :D

The rule is to write my 7 Favorite Things and to Tag 7 Beautiful people!

Here's my list in no particular order:

1). Sleeping.... zzzzzz....

It is actually my hobby... Hehehehe... Especially on weekends. I prefer to sleep rather than go to mall :D

2). My Family

We may not be perfect, in fact, we are broken. But I know deep in my heart, they are there for me always... no matter what. (I hate being mushy... Ugh!)

3). Eating. Of course! :D

I love Japanese food. But now, that I am far from my hometown, I am craving for Pinoy food... Jollibee, street food, super bowl, lechon, pansit, shanghai and so on and so fort... Hay. Kakamiss.

4). Photography

Obie & I just recently got into this. It's actually fun, very entertaining.

5). Obie. My Bestfriend. My Number One Fan. My Hubby. My Knight in Shining Armor. All rolled into one.

6). Videoke with my friends.

I love singing though sad to say, I am not good at it. I could sing until the wee hours of the morning. See how obsessed I am? Plus the fact that I enjoy it the most when I am with my friends ;p

7). Blogging. Need I say more? :D

As they say, here's the fun part: That is to tag this to 7 beautiful people.

It is my honor to tag this to the following peeps:

1. Dennis Villegas
2. Kaloy n Bebang
3. Retro Manila
4. Green Backseat
5. Alice
6. Kumareng Grace
7. the Signpost

One thing I realized while writing this post was ang hirap pala mag pass ng award. hahahaha :D

Friday, April 10, 2009

Suggested Recipe for Holy Week

My Caesar's Salad
I don't like eating veggie salad, more so the Caesar's. Don't ask me. I also don't know why. :-)

That thinking was totally eradicated since yesterday.
Right after our Visita Iglesia, (yup, we did it!) we went to Swensen's to eat Caesar's salad. At first, I was hesitant but since I was abstaining from meat, got no choice so I was forced to eat it.

The verdict: Wow, it was awesomely delicious!

Immediately, I thought of an idea to make Caesar's salad at home.
It is simply mouth-watering. Of course, I should commend myself for it :D

I suggest that you try this recipe. Especially those who are on a strict diet.
Healthy and Yummy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to Spend Your Anniversary in Singapore - the Unusual Way

Are you tired of having the usual romantic dining or bar hopping or going to movie houses on your Anniversary? If yes, here are some of the remarkable ways to spend you anniversary in Singapore.
I bet that these ideas will turn your special day into something worthwhile and memorable for the both of you :D

1). Take a walk at Fort Canning

Enjoy the special view of Singapore by spending it at Fort Canning while reminiscing the days. Take those favorite memories and recreate them. Reliving your happiest moments will help you realize how much you mean to each other.

2). Relax at a Spa

There are so many spas which you can find here in Singapore to pamper yourselves.
Just take a pick and head off to your chosen spa.

3). Have a picnic at Lower Peirce Reservoir Park

It is a great spot to spend a romantic picnic any time of the day.
I have been to this place and I find it so relaxing at the same time.

Note: Photos can be found in my previous post entitled "A Taste of Good Life in Singapore"

4). Watch Sunset at Punggol

Sunset at Punggol is a very popular subject for aspiring Filipino photographers here in Singapore.
Although Punggol as they say is underdeveloped, I still suggest that you visit the place and see for yourself how scenic the view is.


5). Cable Car Mania

They say that you’ve never been to Singapore if you have not ridden the Cable Car.
I, myself have not tried it though.

Here’s a description of what you can expect taken from

“Glide through the air high above the harbour skies on a scenic adventure. The 1.6km ride to and from Sentosa offers expansive views of lush greenery and stunning coastal sights.”


6). Night Safari

This is one adventure you cannot afford to miss. This night zoo offers over a thousand of animals of exotic species. So guys, check it out.

For more info, you may want to visit their website:

7). G-MAX Reverse Bungy

An extreme sport attraction, considered as the fastest most thrilling bungy in the world.
Though I don’t think I will ever try to ride this one. Hahaha. I am not a risk-taker when it comes to extreme rides. Would you believe I have never ridden the Space Shuttle at Enchanted Kingdom?
Tsk, tsk, tsk. Yes, that’s how coward I am.


8). GX-5 Xtreme Swing

Here’s another extreme adventure just beside the G-Max Reverse Bungy located in Clarke Quay, Singapore.
Try this adventure that promises the feeling of free-falling and flying out over the Singapore River.


I’m sure you will have a wonderful time doing one of these ideas or even all of these on your special day instead of doing the usual. Have fun!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holy Week Celebration

Back in the Philippines, our house in the province is just across the ever
popular Lenten rites happening in San Pedro, Cutud, City of San Fernando in Pampanga.

Yes, it’s where you see people doing re-enactments of the crucifixion
of Jesus every year.
The penitents do procession through the streets, some carrying crosses before they are nailed on the cross.

This annual event has been a part of the Holy Week tradition in our place; tourists from all over the world come to witness the occasion.

And as a child, I remember, my cousins and I used to sell ice candy and ice water to tourists

and whatever money we've earned from selling, we give to our lola.
The heat was never a hindrance for us to achieve our goal.
How simple life was way back then.

This year, I will be celebrating the Holy Week away from them.
I will be celebrating it with my friends. We will be attending mass at a nearby Church. Originally, what was planned is to do Visita Iglesia, that is, to visit seven churches on
Holy Friday to pay respect to the Blessed Sacrament. However, one of our friends has work on Saturday.
Hence, we decided to cancel it.

In whatever way we plan to celebrate the Holy Week, the important thing is to

commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ who died on the cross in order to save mankind.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Anniversary Gift from Hubby

In two days time, my hubby and I will be celebrating our second anniversary. Yipee!

Here's the twist.
Something unexpected happened last night.
Obie was asking me what would be my gift for him. Demanding huh!

Then, while we were discussing, he keeps on saying that he already bought me a gift.
I said to him...

"it's not yet our anniversary, sa wednesday mo na lang ibigay para naman may element of surprise..."

But he really won't stop. So what I did is to find out what was his gift for me.
Boom! I saw the plastic with a cellphone lying on top of the bed. Hahaha!

And mind you, as soon as I opened the gift, I was speechless.

I love it. I really really really love it.

Hon, thank you so much!

We've had our ups and downs yet through it all, our love still managed to grow.
Happy Anniversary! I will love you till the end of time.

The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more;that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds .... That's what you've given me and that's what I hope to give to you forever.

~ The Notebook

Sunday, April 5, 2009

There's No Place Like Home!

Homesickness is getting on my nerves these past few days no matter how I try to get rid of it.
It must be inevitable for a first-timer like me not to feel this way.

As a solution (I think?), I made a random list of the things I miss in my hometown.

1). Chicken Joy from Jollibee - the best.

Need I say more? The chicken skin is crunchy as they say. It tastes just right. The chicken is so juicy. Waaahhh... Nakakamiss...

2). Gravy from KFC

Of course, there are KFC stores here in Singapore. But, I am telling you,
Nothing beats the gravy we have in the Philippines.
I don't have any idea what ingredient/s they add in the gravy that makes it so addicting. Yummy!

3). Gimmick every friday with friends

Here's one of the things I miss doing when I was still in the Philippines. Every Friday, we go to our friend's place for overnight stay to drink, to eat, to sing, to bond, to update each other with office gossips. Hahahaha!

When we are not at our friend's place, we dine out at Congo Grille in El Pueblo or we drink in Atchie's or in Metrowalk. When we are all drunk and sober at 4am, we go to Starbucks for some coffee. We go home when we are not intoxicated anymore and that would be around 6am :D

4). My Mom's Dishes

My mom is the best cook ever! Yes, I firmly believe. I am her #1 fan when it comes to cooking. Sad to say that I did not inherit her cooking abilities :(

5). Videoke

Unlike in the Philippines, you can sing until the wee hours with your magic sing. Here, you cannot. Otherwise, cops will be at your door a few minutes after you started singing.

You may go to karaoke lounges but it's sooo expensive

I miss the Philippines. I miss the traffic. I miss my loved ones. I miss the crowd.

I miss the good old days.

Truly, there's no place like home.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Housemates from Hell

How come I’ve got housemates from hell???

What started out as cordial relationship turned out to be a nightmare in the end.
I never imagined I will be in this scenario. Waaahhhh… I can’t stand it anymore. I know it’s a part of pakikisama. But they have pushed me to my limit.

I’m glad our landlord put a bulletin board so we can vent out all our rants.
On the other hand, I think it did not serve its purpose. They are still the same housemates I’ve known right from the start.

Mundane things piled up that turned eventually into a full-blown conflict.
From their laziness, loud voices at night when everyone is asleep, to caring unwanted pets in the house. Imagine, Pets in the house??? From hamsters, to cats, to turtles.

Let me get this straight, I don’t have anything against veterinarians or animals for that matter. The issue here is that, they did not ask us, their fellow housemates if we allow them to keep their pets inside our house. We have the right to that, isn’t it? In the first place, we are also sharing in the rent. Also, what adds up to my fury is that they used the basin which supposedly is only for clothes, as the house of the turtles. Ggrrrrr...
Anyway, I made a research and here's what I found out:
According to AVA, Agri-food and Veterinary authority that:
However, not all animals can be kept as pets in Singapore. Under the Wild Animals & Birds Act, our wild animals should not be caught or kept as pets. Similarly, imported wild animals such as snakes, lizards, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, monkeys and star tortoises cannot be kept as pets.
The penalty for keeping an illegal animal can be severe.

Hahaha… Shall I contact the authorities or not? Hmmm… let me think about it…

Friday, March 20, 2009

World Vision Development Foundation

I’ve been an advocate of World Vision Development Foundation for several years already and I feel so contented (contented is an understatement actually) to know that I am able to share a portion of what I have.

Being a part of this foundation is in fact a privilege for me.

Our Lord has been so kind to me to bless me with so much that I’ve asked for.
That’s why in return, I am helping our less fortunate brothers and sisters to live a life the way it should be.

Guys, I encourage all of you to be a part of this Foundation. It feels so good to share what we have.

You may want to visit their website for more information:

"...let the man who has two tunics share with him who has none..."~Luke 3:11

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why I love Korean and Taiwanese Dramas

In my previous post, I’ve said that I have been very busy for the past two weeks watching Korean and Taiwanese dramas. hehehehe… And for that, my hubby really gets irritated. :-) 

I'm sure, you will definitely get hooked watching these types of dramas. These shows typically involve first teenage experience in dating, conflicts such as marital relationships; relationships between in-laws and often, complicated love triangles.
There are also a number of good comedy dramas which makes you laugh all the way. And the romantic comedy dramas are my favorites :)
Watching these dramas releases your stress and takes away all your worries for a while.
No wonder that it's getting more popular throughout East Asian countries and is now spreading to India, the Middle Eastern countries and Africa.

Anyway, I have made a list of my favorites :)
1). Devil beside You
2). Fated to love you
3). Hana Kimi
4). Lovers in Paris
5). Princess Hours

I highly recommend these dramas especially those who are first-timers. You will love these stories.
For those who are into these kinds of dramas, one thing you will notice in my list is that I love happy endings… hahahaha… I love feel-good dramas where you will not feel bored because there are only few episodes.
The phasing is fast unlike our local dramas where there are so many sub plots and actors and actresses keep on coming in until such time the story becomes so complicated contrary to Korean and Taiwanese dramas which are both entertaining that you want to repeat watching them over and over...

Enjoy watching!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whoa! It has been more than two weeks since my last post... I've been very busy watching Korean and Taiwanese dramas, that's why :)

Since Valentine's day has just passed by, I might as well talk about how I celebrated it.
February 14 happens to be my hubby's birthday as well.
My friends say that it's a good thing coz i need to buy only one gift, in short it's "tipid daw."
As for me, I always give him separate gifts, one for his birthday, the other one as Valentine gift.
I don't really mind spending. As they say,when you love someone, cost would not matter.

We decided to spend his birthday at home. Result? I was really, really exhausted that day.
I prepared three dishes for several hours. Our visitors have arrived and I'm not even done with the last dish. Imagine! And I haven't taken a bath yet. (just to refresh after cooking)

Reason why the time was so little is that I only came home by quarter to 3pm since I have work that day.
I just put my things on the bed and ran off to the kitchen.

It was worth it, I am telling you. For those who are in love would agree with me, right?
Just seeing your loved one happy makes you happy too. And that is what I felt that day.
I knew in my heart, seeing my hubby's smile takes all my tiredness away.

In return, this is what he has given to me as Valentine gift...

Sweet! It was so really unexpected! Why unexpected? My hubby is not a romantic person.
So when I saw the flowers, I was teary-eyed and I immediately hugged him tight.
Now, I am looking forward to every Valentine's we will be spending together :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Taste of Good Life in Singapore

Fortunately, I was off for two days due to Chinese New Year holiday. Yippee! I got to spend an afternoon at the park to relax from the stress brought about by my nagging boss... Hahaha!
Here are some of the pictures I took.

These photos were taken in Lower Peirce Reservoir in Upper Thomson Road. My friends and I arrived here by 4pm. I never thought that there could be such a relaxing place in Singapore because I really don't go out even on weekends. I am kinda lazy to commute. Hahahaha. Good thing that I went out :)

This is what Good Life means to me. No worries. No problems. No nagging boss. No demands.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cooking Inability

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Thank God after so many years of being dependent on my mom. She’s a good cook by the way :D

It’s one hell of a ride before I can be called a Cooking Master (whew!)… Or perhaps I will never be.

Before I learned how to cook, I have my mentors to tell me what to do or else, I might burn our flat down.
The mentors I am referring to are my housemates :D
They let me do the whole thing, preparation - cooking and they give their comments, good or bad afterwards.
Thus, I am giving them all the credit to why I know now how to cook even though I still sometimes not able to perfect a dish. Bad, bad, bad.
Well, according to them, I lack focus. I do not concentrate on what I am doing. But trust me, I am.

I am putting my heart into cooking. That, I am sure of.

Maybe what I need is practice. A lot of practice.

Anyway, here’s what I have prepared for our lunch today. In case you do not know what this dish is… It’s tinola. Well, I hope, it really looks like one.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Gong xi fa cai!

I prepared something special today. Well, I know there is nothing unusual with spaghetti but since this is my first time to make the dish alone, from preparation until finale, I decided to post it here. Bon Appetit!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Post

Writing has always been my passion. Though, I must admit that I am far from being a good writer, for that matter. Nevertheless, I still continue to strive to become one.
Through writing, I am able to express myself. I am able to disclose my hidden thoughts, my desires, my fears, my wants, my bitchiness, my dilemmas, my joys and the likes.
Hence, the birth of my blog. Untitled. Apparently, I have not thought of a title to describe it.

Once I have, I will definitely modify it. In the meantime, enjoy reading!
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