Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whoa! It has been more than two weeks since my last post... I've been very busy watching Korean and Taiwanese dramas, that's why :)

Since Valentine's day has just passed by, I might as well talk about how I celebrated it.
February 14 happens to be my hubby's birthday as well.
My friends say that it's a good thing coz i need to buy only one gift, in short it's "tipid daw."
As for me, I always give him separate gifts, one for his birthday, the other one as Valentine gift.
I don't really mind spending. As they say,when you love someone, cost would not matter.

We decided to spend his birthday at home. Result? I was really, really exhausted that day.
I prepared three dishes for several hours. Our visitors have arrived and I'm not even done with the last dish. Imagine! And I haven't taken a bath yet. (just to refresh after cooking)

Reason why the time was so little is that I only came home by quarter to 3pm since I have work that day.
I just put my things on the bed and ran off to the kitchen.

It was worth it, I am telling you. For those who are in love would agree with me, right?
Just seeing your loved one happy makes you happy too. And that is what I felt that day.
I knew in my heart, seeing my hubby's smile takes all my tiredness away.

In return, this is what he has given to me as Valentine gift...

Sweet! It was so really unexpected! Why unexpected? My hubby is not a romantic person.
So when I saw the flowers, I was teary-eyed and I immediately hugged him tight.
Now, I am looking forward to every Valentine's we will be spending together :)

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