Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Bun in the Oven!


I am going to be a mom. How cool is that?!

I cannot contain my excitement since last week when we found out that I was 5 weeks pregnant.
Overwhelmed with joy, blessed, grateful and all the rest of the adjectives I could think of could not suffice to what I am still feeling today.

Even Hubby is extremely excited.

And totoo pala talaga that everything
changes once you have a bun in the oven.

Hubby became so maalaga to the nth power. He does all the chores at home.
He would rather ask me to lie down after my whole day at the office rather
than let me do the cooking and the dishes. How sweet of him 'no.

Few days before we did the PT, I was worried that I am sick since the day that I was
supposed to have my monthly period, the discharge was very light, not the typical first day.
And then on the second day of my supposed-to-be monthly period, I did not have
any discharge at all. I was so alarmed.

On the third day, when hubby and I went to our friend's housewarming party/bridal shower, I told my ates (because I am the youngest. hahaha) that I think I am sick and all that. Hahaha.
How shunga talaga. Then they told me that I am likely pregnant. hahaha.

Suddenly, i was so kilig. a smile just formed my face :-)

We went to my OB at Thomson Medical to have my first check-up. Yay! We saw our baby
and heard his heartbeat for the first time.

Your daddy and I can't wait to see you baby! :-)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Stop Cyberbullying!

 Source: Cyberbullying
With the advancement of technology, with just one click of a mouse, we could easily share anything and everything of what is happening around the world.

Christopher Lao. Robert Blair Carabuena. John Paul Encinas. It all rings a bell right?

These people had their 15 minute of fame or should I say shame due to their infamous behavior.
They claimed to be victims of cyberbullying. Their names and actions trended in all social networks not just in the Philippines but worldwide.

And now, we have an addition to the group. Paula Jamie Salvosa or popularly known as Amalayer.

When I saw the video, instantly I knew both sides were at fault.
It just so happened that Paula's action was way too tacky. Napa English pa talaga sa sobrang galit. 
I believe that Paula was already having a bad day and then the lady guard did or said something to provoked her to act that way. But of course, that does not give her a right to pour out her anger to the lady guard.
I am not in any way defending her attitude or action towards the lady guard.
What I am trying to say is that we all have bad moments.
As they say, one bad moment does not define our character.

This is just some sort of a reminder to everyone that there will always be two sides to every story.
We should not judge somebody when in fact, we do not even know the whole story.
In my opinion, the incident was just blown out of proportion and personally, there's no way that I would upload a video nor hit share button on Facebook to make fun of somebody.
Internet users should always adhere to ethical conduct. And besides there are other ways to make our time useful.

What would you do and how would you feel if this happened to you? Think about it guys.

Stop Cyberbullying!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy 1st Year Wedding Anniversary!!!

A Letter to My Loving Husband on Our Wedding Anniversary.

A year has passed since our wedding day.
But I could still vividly remember the vows that we shared.
Those vows that melted my heart and soul.

True that A wedding is just a day. A marriage is a lifetime.
The best and the difficult part are the days we will share,
the days we will live out what we had promised in front of the Lord Almighty.

Months before and after our wedding were the hardest times of our lives.
Still, I am grateful to the Lord that we managed to overcome those struggles.
Those struggles made us stronger.

From you, I gather my strength.
Thank you for being My Bestfriend. My Rock.

I love waking up next to you.
You just don't know how giddy everytime I get knowing you are lying next to me.

I love it when I could be myself with you.

To the many more wedding anniversaries we will celebrate, cheers!