Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Choosing the Perfect Baby Name.

Oops! Don't congratulate me yet.
I am not yet going to be a mom anytime soon.
It's just that lately, I've been spending time thinking of babies' names.

Hubby and I had an unwritten agreement that he will pick the names for the boys.
I get to choose the names for the girls.

However, at the back of my mind, I am hoping to just have 3 boys.
No girls. Don't get me wrong.
Who wouldn't want to have a mini-me?
But I am soooo scared to have girls especially a lot of things are running through my mind
when I think about my daughter/s becoming teens.

I still leave it all in the Lord's hands.
As long as the babies are born healthy, I am a-okay with that. In fact, super okay. 

Here's my 8 Baby Names for my boys and for my girls.

For my boys:

1. Kurt
Is of German origin, meaning A bold counsellor.
It's not because of the meaning why I like this name. Names starting with K, appeals to me.
Not to add the fact that Hubby is a fan of Kurt Cobain.

2. Liam Wyatt
Liam is of old German origin, which has various meanings.
It means will, desire and helmet, protection. 
On the other hand, Wyatt is of English origin which means brave/strong/hardy war.
This combination is very masculine, don't you think? :-)

3. Lucas Sebastian 
Lucas comes from biblical word which means Lucius, luminous, white.
Sebastian is of Latin origin which means Venerable.
I love the name Lucas, with a c, not k. It's also a popular name but not overused.

4. Jacob Isaac 
Jacob is of Hebrew origin, meaning, Held by the heel. 
Isaac is also of Hebrew origin which means laughter.

For my girls:

5. Arabella 
Name with bella in it, to me is very feminine. I love it.
This name means A beautiful altar and is of Latin origin.

6. Lili Margaret 
I find this combination very cute. :-)
I initially want it to be spelled as Lily but the meaning and spelling of Lili looks nicer and cuter. Agree? :-)
Lili means Consecrated to God.
Margaret is pronounced as MAR-gret. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of this name is "pearl".

7. Dana Annika
I love these names very much.
Both are very unique.
Dana has various origins and meanings.
My most favorite meaning is of Danish origin, a very rare pearl. Symbol of exceptional beauty.
While Annika means favored by God.

8. Zia Margaret
This name is also a cute combination, right? :-)
Zia is of Arabic origin, which means Splendour or ripened grain.

In two year's time, I definitely would not be surprised when hubby and I will get into an argument on deciding our baby's name. Hahaha.

Care to share your baby's names?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Book Review: The Litigators

Disclaimer: This is the first book I read authored by John Grisham.
Therefore, this review is based solely on the book and not on his writing style.

I have always been fascinated by legal drama stories/genre. Such as lawyers trying to battle and outwit each other inside and even outside the courtroom. And The Litigators is one of those books which immediately got me drawn into it.

It has all the elements most readers require in a book - suspense, sarcasm and drama. Those are actually what kept me going. It is as if the story is happening in the real world. Not just a product nor a figment of imagination. Far from fantasy. Pragmatic.

Mind you, it also contains humor. In fact, I cannot remember how many times I tried to suppress my laughter while reading it.

This book is definitely highly recommended. John Grisham instantly became one of my favorite authors.


Oscar Finley and Wally Figg are partners in a small twenty-plus year old Law Firm in Chicago specializing in divorce proceedings, DUIs, not to mention chasing ambulances, reading obituaries and even visiting funerals for potential cases.

David Zinc, a Harvard Law School graduate, earning big bucks but sick and tired of corporate life, barely have time for himself and his wife, decided to dropout and landed on the doorstep of Finley and Figg Law Firm after drinking alcohol the whole day at a bar.

After David Zinc was employed as an associate in the law firm, the drama unfolds.
How can they win the case against a lawsuit against Varricks, which is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world that produces the drug called Krayoxx when none of them, has actually tried a case in a court? This drug allegedly helps lower cholesterol but may in fact cause people to die of heart attacks.

Enjoy reading!