Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kids: Then and Now

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Indeed the world is changing so fast brought about by Science and Technology.
It has really affected our lives tremendously especially the younger generation.

Kids are so attached with their Mobile Phones, Tablet PCs, Computers and Laptops.
Imagine, a 3 year old boy knowing how to play Temple Run.

When I was still a kid, I used to play outdoor games.
Luksong Tinik, Patintero, Frikidam 1-2-3, Tumbang Preso, Langit Lupa, Taguan, and the likes.
Not a lot compared to my playmates back then but still, I know what it felt like to be a kid.

I learned to be a good sport.
I learned the value of camaraderie.
I learned to get dirty.

Unlike the kids of today, the things that they play with are not anymore a typical child would and should be familiar with. Today, they are more inclined to computer games and social networking sites.
Even the Filipino kids living here abroad are not taught of the outdoor games that we once played.

I had my first cellphone when I was already in University. Haha. That was in Year 2000. The ever-reliable Nokia 3210.

I started playing computer games when I was in Primary 4 (if I remember right) with our Family Computer.
Back then, It was already considered luxury. In short, sikat ka na pag meron kang Family Computer.
Haha. And all the kids will visit your house so they can play with you.

How I wish... nah! What can we do? That is the trend nowadays.

But one day, hubby and I will teach our kids play outdoor games. That's for sure.

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