Friday, July 13, 2012

From My Dream of Becoming a Doctor to Being an OFW.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
I bet everyone was asked this question when we were still young. In fact, asked repeatedly.
I could somehow remember what my answers were.

One day, I wanted to be a Flight Stewardess since our neighbors would tell me, "uy, matangkad ka,
pwede ka maging Flight Stewardess at mag travel san mo man gustuhin." 
(You are tall, you can be a Flight Stewardess and travel wherever you want to.)

The next day, I wanted to be a Doctor, particularly a Pediatrician.
The day after next, It was my dream to be a Dentist.
And so on and so fort.

The BIG question is did we end up being what we wanted to be way back then?

For me, it's a NO.
I did not become a Flight Stewardess.
I did not become  a Pediatrician.
I also did not become a Dentist.

What did I become?

I became a BAGONG BAYANI, as what my fellow Filipinos would say.
Yes. I am an OFW and proud to be one.

Some would say that OFWs are very lucky since we are earning dollars, more than what an average professional can earn back in Manila.
But what people don't realize are the sacrifices we make for the welfare of our families.

Working abroad is not easy as it seems. Back in Manila, I could off my computer the minute it was 5:30pm.

In foreign countries, especially those which don't have work-life balance, we cannot do that. In short, kayod-marino kami dito. We need to keep in mind that we are not working in the Philippines, or in Manila for that matter.

We are also sometimes asked to do things beyond our scope of work.

Whenever we fall ill, who would take care of us? Luckily, my hubby is here with me.
How about the others who do not have a loved one to run to?

The many Birthdays, Christmases, New Year Celebrations, Graduations, Reunions that we missed. Argh.

I happen to know somebody who receives an SMS from his loved ones only a couple of days before every month ends asking "magkano ipapadala mo ngayong buwan?."
For him, a simple SMS saying "kumusta ka na dyan" would uplift his spirit.
Same goes for the rest of the OFWs.

Receiving a Thank You message whenever our families have received the money or the gifts that we have sent would definitely warm our hearts.

I would like to end this post by sharing a reminder to my fellow OFWs.

No matter how good we are at doing our job, we are still indispensable. Especially after hearing the government's new ruling on tightening foreign talent policy.

That's why we need to SAVE for the rainy days.
Otherwise, sino ang tatakbuhan natin pag tayo ay wala ng trabaho?

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