Tuesday, April 17, 2012

IKEA's Pendant Ceiling Lamps - Is it a Must Have?

Right after attending a Tagalog mass at Church of the Holy Cross at Clementi, Hubby and I went to Ikea in Alexandra Road to do window shopping. Ooh, la la.

I was in search for ceiling lamps that can add life and vibrance to our room.
We searched all over the store and found so many fascinating stuffs, of course.

But. But. But.

Fickle-mindedness again! Argh!
I couldn't decide which one really suits me and my hubby's personality.
Plus the fact that, is it a must-have or just nice to have?

Nice, isn't it?
It's actually made of polypropylene plastic. Cost is $S99. Yes, it is expensive, I must say. 

Filipiniana Theme.

This lamp is made of handmade bamboo shade. We wanted to get this ceiling lamp if we will also get the table lamp which I really really like, also made of the same material. But due to budget constraints, I can only choose one at the moment. :-) Cost is also S$99.

This photo in IKEA's website do not give justice to the actual ceiling lamp. Sad to say.
This lamp is of white color. Made of Polycarbonate Plastic.
Way cheaper compared to the other two ceiling lamps. Only S$29.

So, can you help me decide which one is the best choice? :-)

All photos are from Ikea's website.

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